connecting (some of) the dots

as i'm still very much in the validation stage, i've come up with an exercise that i think will help determine ruminate's market position against competitors.
for each of my planned mvp features, using a scale like easy, medium, hard, i'll determine how easy it would be for my target users to get the same result on each of my competitors' platforms. i'm doing this by actually using their platforms to try and get the same functionality that ruminate will offer.
for example, with ruminate, how easy would it be for users to create an rfc in google docs? extremely easy. i need to offer more than just a text editor. this is something that should be obvious, of course, but consider the next example.
one of ruminate's core features is git-like version control for accepted rfcs. how easy would it be for users to do this in google docs? one way could be to create a system that ties a version of a google doc with a unique string. this could be, of course, just another google doc. but imagine maintaining that kind of system. it would be a nightmare, so that's one area where i'll focus my effort to differentiate in the market.
on the downside, this is not a system that guarantees assessment of nuances, so it's susceptible to the same sorts of things all malleable systems are susceptible to.
we'll see how it goes.